ProWheel Kit 2withlacquers

ProWheel Kit #2 including DTM Clearcoat

The NEW ProWheel kit #2 box is the perfect addition to the original ProWheel Kit

This Kit box includes 10 x 200ml bottles of basecoat in 10 new popular wheel colors including the new Ford Rock Gray, BMW Dark Blue Metallic and Honda’s  Blue Gray Glitter. Less wastage and more efficiency.

Box includes:
10 x New Wheel Colors 200ml1 x New color swatch 2
1 x Aluminum Filler 250g
1 x DTM 2k Clearcoat gloss 200ml
1 x DTM 2k Clearcoat satin 200ml
1 x DTM 2k Clearcoat matt 200ml
1 x DTM 2k Hardener 250ml
1 x DTM 2k Thinners 250ml
1 x Black undercoat primer 200ml
1 x Gray undercoat primer 200ml
1x ProWheel T-Shirt